Classic Eyelash Extension

We attach 1 lash extension (single lash) on 1 natural lash. It is also called 1:1 method. We have thin & thick lashes for clients who want natural to bold look. This method is good for those have lots of lashes but want more length & curl.

Volume Eyelash Extension

We attach fan lash extension to 1 natural lash. If the fan lash has 3 lashes, it is described as 3D. If the fan lash has 4 lashes, it is 4D etc. The lash extensions are thinner (usually 0.07 mm in diameter) than classic lashes so they are lighter. Also, they have a thin base so they don’t affect the growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Each fan lash weighs lighter than a classic lash.

There is more quantity of extensions so volume lashes are fuller, fluffier but very light weight. This method is perfect for clients who don’t have many natural lashes or want dramatic, fluffy look.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension

It’s the mixture of classic and volume eyelash extensions which adds a little bit more volume.