Pro Lash N Brow was founded by Kayla Nguyen. In 2013, she went to Universal Beauty College in Houston to get her eyelash extension license. After started working, she knew right away that this is her long-term passion, to make people more beautiful. In 2015, she found out about Microblading and knew right away that this will become a big trend. At Baltic Brows Academy, she was one of first technicians to take a Microblading class in Houston, where she was trained by professionals from Lithuania. Ever since then, Kayla has performed over 1,000 eyelash and eyebrow procedures. Every year, she has taken more classes to learn new techniques and to improve her skills. She continuously updates her service to suite her clients’ needs. Kayla treats her client’s face as if it were her own face, which results in a beautiful and satisfying look.


Master PMU at Mailee Brows Academy in Vietnam

Lip Blush Tattoo at Mailee Brows Academy in Vietnam

Bloodborne Pathogens for Body Art in USA


Microblading at Mailee Brows Academy in Vietnam

Tattooing Color Theory at Girlzink Las Vegas


Microblading at Baltic Brow in Houston

Tattoo studio license


Eyelash Extension Specialty license in Houston


Bachelor Degree in Business