1. What is microblading?

Microblading is semi-permanent make up. It is a manual process that uses tiny needles which forms a small blade. The blade inserts pigment into the upper layer of the skin (under Epidermis). The result is realistic and creates “hair strokes” that follow natural eyebrow hair direction.
- Lasts 8 months-18 months depending on skin condition/type.
- Ideal for normal to dry skin. Oily skin isn’t candidate for Microblading because the hairstroke will heal blurry.
- The healing result will vary from each person.

2. What is Dotting Ombre?

Dotting Ombre is for the client who prefers a powder-filled brow look. A small tattoo machine is used to insert pigment under the epidermis. The pigment is inserted gradually from the inner brow to the tail, resulting in a light to dark shade called Ombre. This technique uses more pigment and lasts longer than Microblading. It can be designed from soft (natural) look to sharp (make up) look. Make up look will last longer than soft look.
- Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin condition/type.
- Ideal for all types of skin.
- The healing result will vary from each person.

3. What is MicroShading?

MicroShading is the combination of Microblading & Dotting Ombre. Microblading alone gives 30-50% fuller look, when combined with Ombre shading, the brow will be 80-100% fuller, and all eyebrow gaps are covered. This custom technique is ideal for clients who have little or no natural brow hair.
- Lasts 8 months – 18 months depending on skin condition/type.
- Ideal for all types of skin.
- The healing result will vary from each person.

4. What is Kayla Signature Brows?

It’s Dotting Ombre but Kayla decides to also add more hair strokes in the front so the result will be soft and natural.
- Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin condition/type.
- Ideal for all types of skin.
- The healing result will vary from each person.

5. How long does the procedure take?

It takes 2-3 hours.

6. Is it painful?

Pain is relative. For those who are sensitive, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable but all my clients have described it as bearable. To minimize pain, we apply numbing cream 30 minutes before application and apply anesthesia during the application.

7. Who is an ideal candidate for this procedure?

People suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania, any health conditions that cause hair loss, or people who want to enhance their natural brow.

8. Who is NOT a candidate for this procedure?

People who are breast-feeding, pregnant, uncontrolled diabetic, or prone to keloid scarring.

Note: client with high blood pressure, thyroid medication, or diabetic may experience color loss/fading and require frequent touch ups. Doctor’s consent is required to safely perform procedures.

9. Is there anything I need to prepare before procedure?

NO: Waxing, Tweezing, Tinting, Threading, 3 days before procedure.
NO: Tanning, 2 weeks before treatment. (avoid sunburn)
NO: Facials, Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, Laser, 2 weeks before treatment.
NO: Botox, 3 weeks before treatment.
NO: Omega 3 (fish oil), Vitamin E, 1 week before treatment. (natural blood thinners)
NO: Work Outs, day of treatment.
NO: Coffee, Energy Drinks, Alcohol, day of treatment.
To avoid excessive bleeding, poor color deposit, and slow healing, do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief because this thins the blood. 24-28 hours before procedure

10. How are the tool, sanitation, and pigment?

We are using quality sterilized cosmetic grade pigment.
All tools are in sterile one-time use packaging and disposed of after each client session.
The working area is sanitized 100%. The bedding and work station are also wrapped in disposable plastic.

11. Aftercare

Aftercare will be instructed during the procedure.
AVOID SUN EXPOSURE during the first 10 days.

12. What to expect during the healing process?

Day 1: Enjoy new brows!
Day2-4: Color will darken, slightly.
Day 5-7: Flaking and scabbing will occur.
Day 8-10: Brows will fade.
Day 14-28: Brow color will return but patchy and uneven.
Weeks 6: Ready for touch up!
Day 44: Brows are full and beautiful!

13. What to expect for 6 weeks touch up?

The touch up is scheduled 6 weeks after the initial procedure. More strokes may be added or darker/lighter color adjustments may be requested.

14. When should I come back following the 6 weeks touch up?

We recommend client to come back after 1 year which is the annual touch up.

15. How do I prepare?

We offer over-the-phone consultations. You can send us photos of your bare eyebrows. We can discuss your personal style preferences and recommendations. We will ask some screening and eligibility questions.


16. What can I expect on the day of the procedure?

It is necessary to complete a consent form and medical screening form.
We will draw the shape of your eyebrow using the “Golden Ratio” tool. This tool uses your face shape and size to create symmetry and brow perfection. Once you are happy with your brow style we will begin the process. We will apply numbing cream to your eyebrow and wait 30 minutes.

During 30 minutes numbing, we will mix and customize colors. The color should match your hair color and your eyebrow color. We will explain aftercare and answer all your questions about the procedure.

Next, pigment is inserted into the skin creating “hair strokes”.
Later, the “pigment mask” is left to absorb into the skin.
Finally, I will clean your brow and apply healing ointment.